20 December 2010

M4861 waist corset corded

Here it is ... the core layer poly boned and corded.  I'm using a stiff unbleached canvas as the core layer, poly boning from Hancock (half off sale) and hemp craft cord from Hobby Lobby to stabilize the poly boning which has a habit of molding to the body shape when worn (due to body heat).
Instead of sewing channels and running the cord through that way, I zigzagged the cord onto the base layer.  It's an experiment, plus I dreaded the thought of trying to pull uneven diameter cord through unevenly sewn channels like last time.  Sewing straight lines is definitely one of my weaknesses.

I ended up trying the boning scheme from the pattern.  Why not?  I'm playing around with all kinds of ideas I haven't tried on this one.  As I've mentioned, it takes little fabric and relatively little time to make.  The front has 4 cords next to the poly boning, and the back has 6 cords on each side.  The side bones have two on each side.  Oh - that's a strip of buckram under the boning at the center front where the eyelets will go.  Underneath the core layer is the outer fasion fabric layer: a nice cotton duck that softened up in the wash.  I only have a 1/4 yd of it on this piece, so I'll be able to see just how little fabric this pattern uses per layer.

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