29 December 2010

The infamous Terrorist Kitty

Those of y'all on PR have probably heard about my "terrorist kitty", whose actual name is Twilight ... although we often call her by less-affectionate nicknames.  Usually she will not hold still for pictures, but this morning she was in a strange mood, posing on a box next to my trash can (I cropped most of that out).
Yes, she usually does look that smug.  She also loves to lay on my fabric piles even though she knows she isn't supposed to ... and most of the time will sprint off the fabric as soon as I have her in sight.  Last night she must have been sleeping a bit more soundly, because I was able to walk up to her as she slept on the top of my fabric bolts (stored vertically in a vain attempt to cut down on cat hair accumulation) and pick her up to scold her.

Yes, this is the furry monster who routinely flips the vent covers up and until recently would venture down into the ductwork -- thankfully she is now too chubby to fit.  This is also the one who used to run up the drapes, walk across the long curtain rod, then launch herself onto someone's head and shoulders.  When she got too heavy to accomplish that ... and it took about half a dozen times of her pulling the drapes down before she accepted the idea ... she then moved to the tall bookcases for her launching points until we moved the bookcases.  She is obsessed with both plastic and cloth grocery bags, and even moreso by boxes.  Folding a box closed will get her full attention as she tries to find a way into the closed box ... even doubly so if the box contains a dark colored fabric that may snag.  She's just recently discovered the feline joy of thread spools and bobbins after ignoring them completely for over a year.  My mom says I am probably the only sucker who would keep this onrey feline ... but she does look cute in this pic.

Yes, that is a copy of Linda Sparks' The Basics of Corset Building she is sitting next to in the pic  :) a much-appreciated gift from my little sister.

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