21 December 2010

M 4861 lining

I woke up a couple hours early this morning, sweating like I had just ruckmarched in August ... but the stuffiness headache is gone!  The head cold is still here in the form of major drainage, and I cannot go further than five feet away from a tissue, but I do feel better, and here's proof:
I cut out and sewed the lining for my waist corset/back brace this morning, and have already started to attach it and the outer layer to the canvas core.

I no longer have enough of the cotton duck print left to cut more pieces, but I did measure the uncut selvage: 22 inches of 44/45" wide duck has yield a layer and a half of this pattern.

I will say those bias seams (two per side!) really annoyed me this morning.  The extra stitching, tacking the seam allowances down about 1/16th to 1/8th from the seam itself, does help mitigate the bias effect a little but not enough to mollify me.  These bias seams put this pattern firmly into the "costume" realm -which McCall's does market it as - and not as a functional corset (without serious modification).  When I decide to do another underbust or waist corset, I will choose a different pattern.

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