28 December 2010

Back home with fabric withdrawals

We successfully hid from the holiday storm system in NE Florida, getting mostly rain with only about 20 minutes of sleet/ice/frozen mix ... although we did not escape the cold temps!  It ended up being an effective test of the KwikSew 3123 his-n-hers coats I made of canvas and poly fleece:
The coats work best with layering as the temperature drops, but the canvas does make a decent windbreak.  We has forgotten our garment bag, which had my "just in case" sweater in it, but hubby had brought two sweaters so I wore one of his on the way home as the thermometer on the truck's rear view mirror went from 47F down to 18F (eeekkk!!!!) as we travelled north.  Around here, folks say if you don't like the weather - just wait five minutes and it will change ... by the weekend we are supposed to be in the mid-60s F!  Layers are the only way to survive our variable winter weather.

Being over 600 miles away from my fabric, I could only plan my next project: a decent winter outfit for my teenage son's football banquet ... since my 13th century sideless surcoat and chemise won't do, according to the teenager.  So, to avoid having my only child DIE from embarassment, I've picked out a modern outfit he actually approves of:
Slacks: Simplicity 2562 in black woven mystery bundle fabric
Blouse and vest: Simplicity 2566 in white Michael's Fabrics shirting (no longer on their site, a shame because it is truly wonderful dress shirting that just won't photograph properly) and the Black Stewart dress plaid wool that was even better than I had hoped when I ordered it, to be lined in my black 50/50 cotton/linen that I made my short gaucho pants from ... and still have yardage left LOL
Deadline: evening of January 13th ...

Guess I'd better get started!

Almost forgot:  the M 4861 back brace worked great for the trip, and held its shape almost perfectly.  The only place it didn't was the bottom front, where my "baby pooch" sticks out from the emergency C-section over 17 years ago.  As y'all can see from my next project, I am still living with the "side effects" of that surgery (*snicker, chuckle*)

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glorm said...

Welcome back!

Good choice on the patterns--and definitely beats the surcoat for the occasion.