18 December 2010

Waist corset M 4861 (E) in progress

I was going to put that my waist corset is now boned ... but I promise this is a family-friendly blog! (*snicker*)  I'll post up a pic after I cord it alongside the poly boning, as I am using unbleached canvas for the core and the boning tape it white, so it probably won't show very well until the tannish-brown hemp cord is alongside it.

I spent a bit of time earlier today googling images of medical-style back braces, and have to admit that was disappointing.  Most are for immobilization of either the lumbar region, the total spine, or up around the neck and shoulders.  The back of this corset covers the thoracic spine area, which is also where the most pain is for me (T4-T5, originally).  The ones for support showed vertical boning, which I already tried for the previous version and am not completely satisfied with. 

A couple showed a boning scheme similar to what the pattern instructions illustrate, which is making me reconsider my opinion of the boning scheme.  This particular one uses so little fabric and takes so little time, it's worth trying it.


glorm said...

Welcome. Now I will have to update that outfit so you can comment on it. LOL.

azra said...

Hi there,
What is the seam allowance for M4861 E? I can't find that part of my instructions.