05 April 2011

Pillowcases: Fast instant gratification

This was the true instant gratification project I was looking for last week: knocking off store-bought pillowcases.  If I realized they really ARE this easy, I'd have done them up a lot sooner.  Seriously, grab up a pillowcase or two and take a peek at its construction ... meanwhile here are my three:
I started on this idea after a late lunch ... about 2:30 in the afternoon when I started measuring my store-bought example.  I finished them a few minutes ago, clocking in three pillowcases in less than two and a half hours.  My intention (once I realized how fast the first one went) was to have all three done and on the pillows before hubby got home from work, but they let him out of his cage early today so he walked in as I was putting the last two together.

I made these two inches wider and about three inches longer than the store-bought examples, because our memory foam pillows are slightly larger than standard pillows and we need to wrestle them into the standard sized cases ... these slide in nicely, with enough overhang neither of us wake up with only half the pillow cased.  Victory!

Meanwhile, it seems I have been tagged by Rebecca from Wannabe for the "Stylish Blogger Award" ... quit snickering.  So I need to think of seven things to tell folks, then tag seven new victims ... and it should get its own post, of course ... once I figure out what seven things y'all might actually want to read about.

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