06 March 2011

B 4254 D fitting round 1

I finished converting scraps into boning casings and basted them onto the corset mockup.  To make taking them off easier on myself, I basted the boning casings on using bright red thread on top for easy seamripping.  Here is today's round of pictures:

This time, I wore a simple elastic-band skirt instead of jeans ... and it does make a bit of difference.  The crease in the fabric above the marked waistline is still there ... and I think that make me either my waist or simply the smallest circumference around my body ... but my KS bustier is also developing the same crease in the same spot so this is something I need to nail down and fix.

Remember I said I cut a size 16 instead of the size 20 the measurement chart would have me do?  I think I need to go down another size to a 14 ... this is still loose on me (for a corset).  To my eye, it also looks like I need to make the bust gussets a bit bigger, and even though the hip flare has smoothed out I want to try it a smidge longer.

First things first, though ... I am going to take a nap on the idea!

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