20 March 2011

B4254 view D layers sewn

Not much to snap a pic of, but I have all three layers sewn for my Butterick 4254 view D that I have been working on for several days now.  I decided to use my medium blue linen/cotton left over from that wacky Simplicity jacket last spring for the lining, and decided against pink topstitching on the denim layer ... although I may break out the pink embroidery thread and topstitching needle anyway ... I haven't decisively made up my indecisive mind on that yet.  Well, here's a pic of the layers stacked on each other in the post-lunch sunlight:
They're not laying flat on each other ... simply because this pattern is shaped so it can't lay flat.  A good thing, since my body has no flat surfaces!  LOL  I found my twill tape, and need to review putting in a waist tape along with hammering out the details on this next step of construction ... err, the hammering step is part of the eyelets.  I need to quit mixing metaphors or make an afternoon pot of coffee ...

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Rebecca said...

Seeing all of your corset posts is making me want one, lol. :] It looks like it is coming along nicely.