03 March 2011

Butterick 4254 view D pattern error

I meant to post yesterday evening on this, but simply forgot until it was late enough for me to be tired.  I have learned (the hard way) to not sew when tired, and realize I probably shouldn't post when tired either.

The pattern error is a wrong-symbol-printed one on the center front piece for view D and involves the bust gusset attachment:
I circled it in red on the pic ... it should be a single notch, as depicted in the instructions, and not a double notch as printed on the pattern.  The double notches will be where the two sides of the bust gusset attach to each other.

Now, about those instructions ... I am not going to be using them much at all for constructing this corset, because I don't care for the idea of sewing the outer and inner layer together, turning it, then sewing boning to the outside.  They also say to sew the trim on the topline after the boning is sewn on ... and I am planning to attach it under the bias binding with the lace hanging down instead of sticking up.  My last two working brain cells also say that if you wanted to have lace sticking up on a turned corset, why not sew it into the seam before turning to cut down on steps?  Meh, maybe I'm missing something here, as those poor last two working brain cells tend to be overworked.

I thought I had everything cut out yesterday ... but I only cut one set of bust gussets when I need two sets.  A little more coffee and then I can get rolling on that one.


glorm said...

Whoops. Good for you for catching that.

Years ago Butterick (and I think it was Butterick only) used 2 notches for the front pants pattern pieces and 3 for the backs. If one weren't careful, that could cause some confusion.

glorm said...

Thought this was funny: the word I had to type was "refit".

dfr2010 said...

When I cut things out, I look to see how the pieces fit together. The bust gussets have a single notch on one side and a double notch on the other, and I knew each gusset was half the cup ... so I was stumped on how they were supposed to fit together as marked! And "refit" as the catpcha is amusing!