09 March 2011

B4254 view D fitting round 2

First of all, hubby says he likes the shape of this one (go figure, LOL).  I lengthened the pattern pieces half inch a little above the marked waistline and another half inch at the bottom,  made the bust gussets a bit larger, and as y'all can see I tweaked the boning scheme - in addition to cutting a size 14 this time (last time I cut a 16, and the measurement chart puts me in a 20!).  The pics:
I still have the horizontal wrinkles at the waist, but instead of one noticeable crease they are distributed.   The CF still sticks out, but I am thinking that enlarging the bust gussets more may fix this.  This boning scheme is more comfortable than the last one, and the biggest surprise is there is still no gap in back, although it no longer feels loose.  The wonderful curves hubby likes still give me fits both sewing and pressing ... but I am liking the results!  This fitting muslin is an improvement over the first one, in my opinion.  Feel free to leave your observations and opinions ...

Final note, I used up some scraps making this.  Continuing the "scrap use" theme of the past week, maggiedoll shows off her scrap quilt and JillyBe finally devotes a post to her scrap scarf.  If you have a blog and a use for scraps not already highlighted, feel free to jump in on the fun!


Jilly Be said...

Whoa baby! Curves!!!

And thanks, I'm feeling the link love.... :)

glorm said...

Wow--nice improvement.