05 March 2011

My senior prom dress from 1991

The other night in chat we ended up discussing prom dresses, as a gal is making hers.  This brought up the one garment I have held onto tenaciously: the prom dress my mom made me in the spring of 1991.  I drew my mom a sketch of what I wanted, and she said "No problem!" as she had seen a pattern close enough to it to make what I had drawn.  We picked out fabric ... of course even then my tastes in fabrics were expensive, but I paid for it with my weekend job because I wanted a *wow* prom dress for my senior prom.

Pictures have never done this dress justice.  Let me say that right off the bat.  The flounce and outer layer of the skirt are an iridescent fabric that changes from blue to purple depending on the angle you're looking at it from.  The bodice is a black velvet that will shine when the light hits it right.  It's also still in great condition ... it just doesn't fit me anymore.  Even dialing Mathilda's adjustments down as far as they would go, I still couldn't get the zipper in back all the way up ... has my shape really changed this much?  Here it is:
Sooo ... this is the standard I aspire to: making a garment that not only lasts 20 years, but one that the recipient wants to hold onto for 20 years (and counting).  I've learned a little more about linings and its construction doesn't seem as mysterious now, but Mom is very technically proficient.

Oh ... did I mention I have worn this dress more than just for prom?  In 2004, I wore it to my last battalion formal as active duty, then wore it again in 2006 to hubby's battalion formal.  Both times it got as many compliments as the first time.  No one could believe it was my prom dress from high school!  Given the 80s-retro look in the mall right now ... I bet it could be worn to a high school prom this spring and garner even more compliments.  I just doubt my son will wear it!  LOL  So it will go back into the cover and back into my closet, waiting for a girl who is the same shape I used to be to appreciate it.  If it takes a couple more decades for that to happen ... no problem.  The dress will still be in good shape then as well.

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Anonymous said...

It's nothing like what you described! Still very pretty and I know what the fabric looks like in person and you're right, no justice here.