14 March 2011

Butterick 4254 D fitting Round 2 Part 3

Another round of tweaks, and I managed to undo the new problems I created in the last round.  This is better, although I am still stumped by the horizontal wrinkles at the waistline area.  The canvas is starting to show all the seamripping and resewing I have been doing to it ... and I still cannot get a lacing gap in back.  I'm debating the merits of trying a third fitting muslin in size 12 ...

The pics:
Just a note: my left side is the tweaks I did yesterday morning, and the right side are the tweaks I did yesterday afternoon/evening.

So now the big question is whether or not to do up a third fitting muslin in yet a smaller size in the continuing attempt to get a lacing gap in back.  Oh - I keep forgetting to post up my waist measurement in this corset (I remembered to measure yesterday) ... it's only 33 inches (uncorseted I am 35-36 inches, depending on water retention).  It just looks like more.

I may just go ahead and whip one up, because this really is comfortable ... lots of back support without bust compression.  Then I can come back to it to tweak the fit more ... this is tempting, as I sit here typing in the fit muslin (long cable ties and all!).

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kathiego88 said...

Hi! I think you should take the current size 14 and then take off fabric from each panel towards the back to add up to your 4" gap for the back.