18 February 2012

Gift exchange mailed! Now for Thank You cards

I finally did it!  I got to the post office yesterday morning to mail off my contribution for the PR chatroom gift exchange.  I had intended to do it Tuesday afternoon ... but Tuesday and Wednesday were complete wash-outs when life threw us a curve ball.  We'll finish up the fixes after the weekend ... but things have settled down enough to enjoy our crafting again.  Hug your loved ones if they are within reach, or call and say you love them if not - that is what is truly important.

Now that I've mailed off the gift I made, it is time to turn to tank-you notes for gifts already received.  Last weekend I scored blank cards on Hobby Lobby's clearance shelf, with corresponding envelopes to boot ... complete set of 100 (50 larger, 50 "thank you" sized) all for just $6.  This morning I decided to start using them. Here is my prototype:
Calligraphy thank you card
This took me about two hours this morning.  I've been reading the calligraphy book reclaimed from son's room, and had forgotten that calligraphy is more than just pretty letters.  Just on this little card. there's been the layout, selecting alphabets (there's two used), sizing, and flourishing.I used three sheets of printer paper and two blank 4x6" index cards to get it looking like the idea I had in my mind.  Once I am certain the ink is dry I will erase the penciled guidelines (and hope the pigment doesn't come off the card!).  Then I'll have seven more to do ... so far.

Chatters, do NOT tell Val.  She claims she likes surprises, and of course I will send her one for the BDU bag she made me for the gift exchange.  This will be our secret.  Also, Mom - don't tell my sister either.  And Mom, I'll probably get the thank you card done for that buckram before I get your requested off-white doily crocheted up.

Now ... I think I need more ink to finish up the rest of the cards, so time to browse Hobby Lobby ... as if I really "need" an excuse to go do that!  Maybe I'll find more blank cards on the clearance shelf ....!


glorm said...

Our lips are sealed.

I noticed that the size of the letters are more consistant.

dfr2010 said...

Penciling in guidelines - top, bottom, top-flourish, bottom-flourish, and a little above halfway for the "minuscule" (lower case) letters really does help with consistency. Once I had something I like, I grabbed my see-through ruler to measure all those points. While measuring the guidelines on the card, I couldn't help but remember my one year of drafting class in high school ... and how puzzled my guidance counselor was at the time that I wanted to take it!

glorm said...

In junior high the art teacher came in to our class, and was quite surprised to find that half the class was girls. It was a drafting class and he kept apologizing for it. I enjoyed the class.

I have to believe that everything you learn comes in handy some day.