05 March 2012

Final pics of Mom's monster pineapple doily

I got moving early this morning, with morning sunlight streaming in to light my pics.  The air was dry enough for Mom's big pineapple doily to be finished drying and I couldn't wait to unpin it and see how it looks in the middle of my table.  Since the wooden table top is light-colored, I ended up setting the doily on today's sewing project: the black Shetland wool cape shell I cut and sewed a couple cold fronts ago.  It shows off the off-white thread quite nicely:
Mom's big pineapple doily in off-white cotton thread
I won't be starching it since that tends to make it difficult to fold up (and it will hold creases as well) for mailing, but hubby agrees that our coffee table would look quite nice with one of these on it.  I think I will use the next size up hook to see just how big this can get.  As for how it looks on our table:
Mom's doily on our table
It doesn't photograph as nicely as it will on dark-stained wood ... or black wool.  Tangential note: the sewn coasters on the right were a gift from Mom a few years ago.

One more doily pic before I break out the fuchsia linen/cotton lining to sew together for the wool cape ... this one doesn't have a "home" yet but it was fun to do and it holds its shape quite well.  It's half the size of Mom's doily.
Smaller pineapple doily
I'll post more on the sewing project after I get rolling on it ... I really don't want to jinx myself!  As cold as it is, playing with wool coating does have appeal this morning.


Jilly Be said...

Your Mom's doily is stunning!!! What a great job! :)

glorm said...

Each one gets better than the last one. What patience you have.

dfr2010 said...

TY for the encouragement, ladies! I need to get it mailed soon, because I can't bear to take it off my table. I am still jazzed every time I look at either the doily on the table or these pics ... the "WOW! I actually made that!" feeling is still very strong. I'm working on a pinwheel doily now (for the second time).