25 February 2013


Not only am I still alive, but we have moved to Florida.  While the sewing room is still in boxes (and packed almost up to the ceiling fan's blades) we have been working on the yard when weather has been nice.  Given the blizzards in the news the past week ... I probably should not mention too much about the weather right now.

I will mention a new blog we've made.  Yes, WE!  Hubby is posting on this one as well, as it will chronicle our adventure here at what I've named the S&G Homesteade.  Garden and orchard pics are already going up there (as of this weekend) although we are still not caught up on pictures of what we've done these past three weeks here.  I will also move my cooking, canning, and gardening posts to that blog while leaving this one for indoor crafts.

Oh, and I have learned a new craft over the past month - knitting.  I started with a gauge swatch that turned into a child's size blue scarf in stockinette stitch, and am working on a dishcloth in garter stitch on the diagonal so I get a crack at increasing and decreasing.

Finally, a pic from my front yard taken Saturday morning:
Apple tree's first blossoms
I am now using this as my wallpaper on my computer.


glorm said...

Happy to see you post again. I caught your new blog the day after it was started.

Lots of things going on---planting (yay), knitting (double yay) and blogging again. :)

glorm said...

Oh, not that horrible captcha!

LRVCustomCreations said...

WOW!!! Where in FL, what the heck?? And why haven't I seen you on PR in....well, ages??!!??

dfr2010 said...

Laur, the best description would be "sorta-Central Florida - very rural". Our new house is on the dead end of a dirt road that is off another dirt road that is off a county road. It's about half an hour to the nearest town that has large chain stores (but no Hobby Lobby?).

I really do need to get back into the swing of blogging, as I am behind on pictures here and definitely on the new homestead blog.