20 September 2013

Useless without pictures

I'll fight with the digicam later.  I've been quiet all summer, but I have been doing stuff: crocheting a bathroom rug and a doily that I am actually keeping, along with new coasters finally; knitting up a storm of dish/washcloths to use around the house.  It's also gift-making season.  I have three projects on the needles and a couple projects on the hooks.  I even have one finished already!

We've also been busy around the property: gardening, chickening, and since we had adequate rain this year ... the majority of the summer has seemed to be just mowing to keep the lawn from turning into a jungle.

My clothes are wearing out fast out here.  The main problem is ... I am still reshaping.  I suppose I could do the fitting on work clothes.

Another cup of coffee, and back outside.

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