26 September 2016

McCall's 5142 jeans mockup #3

I have pics of mockup #2, but am skipping to my third mockup just because.  On #2, I took a wedge out of the front crotch curve, and it was noticeable enough that it was hubby's first comment upon seeing them on me.  I wasn't completely satisfied, so for #3 I took another half-inch on the wedge, plus cut out size 22 instead of 20 for around the hips, grading back down to a 20 past the fullness of the hips.
M5142 jeans mockup #3
in burgandy red twill cotton

side view, M5142 jeans mockup #3

rear view, M5142 jeans mockup #3
that's my lighter in the right back pocket
My impressions upon wearing them for a couple hours:

  • zipper lies flat against my front, so the wedge out of the front crotch curve may just be perfect.  Zipper stays flat against me even when sitting.
  • they're quite loose through the hips and thighs .. no binding or snugness there.
  • waistband feels perfect!  Even sitting, there is no gap in the small of my back.
  • Granted, view D is described as at-waist and wide leg, but I am wondering if they are just a bit too wide through the legs.
  • my fabric was about 3 inches too short to get the full length of leg on these, due to a seriously whopperjawed end.  Ah well, it isn't too drastic.
Hubby's comment on them was that they look like dress pants more than just going-to-town jeans.  He mentioned I should make a nice top to coordinate with these ... and I picked up a piece of nice shirting (I probably bought for him, originally) that matched the dark red perfectly.  That will likely be the next thing I cut out and sew, using the new Cashmerette Harrison shirt pattern.

So, fitting on this jeans pattern - other than narrowing the legs a bit, is there anything I am missing?  Comments, observations, and suggestions are welcome.


glorm said...

Waist is parallel with with floor, side seam is perpendicular to the floor; topstitching is well done, so looking good. The front looks good, the side hangs straight and you have no UBW (Under Butt Wrinkles) something I've worked hard on eliminating! We need to get a little help with the back.

These are not really jeans which have a different fit. I would say that they are in the jeans style. I don't think you want tight fitting jeans, as I don't. You should be fine with narrowing the legs a bit.

I think you need a bit more definition in the back. It's hard to tell just where the back crotch curve is, so difficult to determine just what needs to be tried. My suggestion would be to baste a larger back inseam, 1/4" at a time, tapering down a few inches. The area between the pockets looks like mine seem to want to be doing lately. That area may need a deeper seam, possibly 1/4", as there is more fabric at that area than your body needs.

Overall, looks good! I love that color too. Pants are the most difficult article of clothing for women to fit and that's just not right! We need a law against that.

Glad to see that you're back to sewing. Have enough knitted socks?

dfr2010 said...

No, not really jeans as this cotton twill is a lighter weight than my denim. Thank you a bunch for the input! The back crotch curve was done in matching thread instead of contrasting topstitching - it just didn't seem right with contrast, IMO. I had been thinking about basting up about 3/4 inch in the front inseams, as I do still have just a smidge of bagginess below the zipper - I'll take up a bit from the back as well as per your suggestion. I'll need to think on messing with that center back seam ... I don't want the tight fit of my teenage years.

It's not so much that I have "enough" knitted socks ... I have far too few jeans that are still in one piece! Nothing is quite so motivating as having to rip out another zipper before throwing away another pair of jeans because the fabric is disintegrating.