11 October 2018

oh WOW I won!

So, I often enter giveaways and whatnot, even the occasional lottery ticket, but winning anything is a rare event.  Imagine my surprise to get an email today from Kennis at Itch To Stitch saying I won one of the two prize packs from her birthday giveaway!  When replying to her email, I remarked that hubby said I should get a lotto ticket since this doesn't happen too often.  When Kennis sent back my codes, she remarked hubby may be right and she thinks I ought to buy a ticket as well!  LOL  Sounds like she has a sense of humor.

Itch to Stitch Birthday Celebration Prize Pack 1
  • 4 patterns from Itch to Stitch
  • 1 pattern from The Wolf and the Tree
  • 1 pattern from Laela Jeyne Patterns
  • 1 pattern from Stitch Upon a Time
  • 1 pattern from Wardrobe by Me
  • 1 pattern from 5 out of 4 Patterns
  • $25 gift card from Bella Sunshine Designs
  • 1 PDF pattern & $10 shop credit from Striped Swallow Designs
  • $10 store credit from Candy Castle Patterns
  • 1 PDF pattern of choice (except bundles) from Susana Coelho de Melo Cunha
  • $15 credit from Flosstyle
Candy Castle Patterns and Stitch Upon A Time are time-sensitive, so I surfed over to their sites first.  I finally decided on the very practical mens' and womens' sweater pattern from Candy Castle.  Looking through Stitch Upon A Time, I saw the exact thing I was thinking about this morning during milking: women's boxer briefs.  Well, that made my decision quite easy!

That's as far as I've gotten so far.  This is actually a little overwhelming, such a big pattern splurge.

Oh, and before Mom calls me out, a big public THANK YOU to Kennis and her friends for putting together such a big prize pack.  I suppose I ought to thank the software program for picking me as well ... LOL.  Nah, we don't thank computers.  Still, what a novelty to win so much.

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