13 September 2011

More crocheted dishcloths

Along with being a great way to practice stitches and (attempting to) crochet evenly and consistently, dishcloths are ridiculously useful around the house, and hubby has requested more - this time to give to his platoonmate who gifted us with a plastic grocery bag filled with fat carrots from his garden plus two bags of potatoes from his neighbor's garden.  Hey, I'll trade a little yarn and practice crocheting for garden-fresh produce!

In my quest for an easy-to-crochet textured dishcloth that looks good as well, I have found a pattern named "Citrus Twist dishcloth" through the Ravelry pattern database that is easy to follow and easy to remember.  I can't declare "the" pattern yet, but I love how it looks in variegated yarn (which I am truly a sucker for!)
Textured crochet dishcloths in almost-solid and variegated yarn
Now I just need to get consistent enough that they come out square (like they are supposed to!).

Marysews, I have NOT forgotten your request for the pattern on the 80s colored dishcloth ... I am starting another to make sure I can duplicate it, as that truly was just me playing around with stitches.  Hubby requested a "really soft" one to use on his face for shaving, so along with verifying the pattern (?) idea, I am trying to keep up with hubby's request list.

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