14 September 2011

Simple variegated crochet washcloth

As promised, here is the "pattern" I used for the 80s kneesock colored washcloth.  Pattern is in quotes because it really is a case of this crochet RE-newb playing with stitches until I got something that looked cool.  I recrocheted it in solid blue soft cotton when hubby requested a soft facecloth, and he tried it out this morning and loves it:
Blue facecloth for hubby
No, really ... it IS this simple:
Chain 31
Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc across (30 sc)
Row 2-8: ch1, turn; sc in first sc *ch1, skip 1 sc, sc in next* then sc in last sc
Row 9: ch2, turn; hdc in each sc and ch-sp across (30 hdc)
Row 10-13: Repeat row 2
Row 14: repeat row 9
Row 15-18: Repeat row 2
Row 19: repeat row 9
Row 20-27: Repeat row 2
Row 28: repeat row 1, do not finish off ...
Round 1: ch1, sc around doing 3 sc in each corner, sl st into first sc
Round 2: ch2, hdc around ... I did 2 hdc into 2 adjacent sc's on each corner to get it to lay flat, sl st into first hdc and finish off, hide tails.

Almost forgot: I used worsted-weight cotton and H hook for the variegated, and aran(?) cotton and a G hook for hubby's blue one.  I'm still trying to get the hang of matching hooks to yarns, so play with the yarn versus hook until you're happy with it ... and remember my motto: "They're not really pattern instructions, they're suggestions!"  This is especially true in this case.  LOL

I did up the blue facecloth in just a few hours, even with getting supper on the stove, so more experienced crocheters can probably knock it out even faster.  While it looks nice in a solid color, I think I still like it better in variegated:
variegated washcloth in 80s color combo
What can I say?  I like colors - especially these colors.  I think I'll try this out in my other variegated cottons, just for fun.  And get another cup of coffee ... if anything isn't clear, just leave a comment asking for clarification.  This pattern-reading and pattern-writing idea is new to me.

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