04 September 2011

Useful things for the kitchen

So the dreaded oven/hot mitt is finally finished ... I was stalling because I have learned I truly detest sewing together the fabric-batting-muslin sandwiches.  Now I understand why people pay the asking price for prequilted fabrics!  (Note: If you enjoy diagonal machine-quilting layers of batting and fabric together, all the power to y'all and I wish you bliss .. this just is NOT my thing.)

It won't win any awards, and I will definitely be buying my next hot pad and oven mitt at the store rather than make another, but this one does match my apron perfectly:
Hot/oven mitt done
Oh yes, for a certain chat regular: hot mitt = oven mitt.  Ovens tend to be hot.  This project also has ruined my sense of humor temporarily.

Logistical note on construction: make the inside layer smaller than the outside one.  (Should I make that a Sgt Obvious tip as well?)  Have an extra sewing needle on hand - the batting dulls a needle faster than topstitching canvas and buckram do!

While procrastinating on sewing the hot mitt, I have also been using my crochet hooks to make useful kitchen items:
Lumpy (textured) dishcloths

Bobble/Pop scrubbers

Swiffer pad with textured bottom

Swiffer pad, top
These crochet up fast, are a great way to practice the new stitches I had to learn to make them ... and hubby says we need multiples (the second scrubber and dishcloth are already given away) not just for our house but to give to family as gifts.  I also made a ridged textured dishcloth that ended up being tested in my son's bathroom.  He says it works "very good" and sounded a little surprised about it.


Rebecca said...

Your oven mitt looks lovely! I keep telling myself that I'll make some to use up my scraps, but like yourself, I hate having to quilt them.

Those swiffer pads are great! I had seen something similar on etsy and had thought about making one (or rather having my gma show me how to crochet one), but does the dirt stick to them as well?

dfr2010 said...

Rebecca - around my house, the dirt question is secondary to "Will the CAT HAIR stick to it?" LOL My furballs have indeed given this particular yarn the "shed of approval" although I imagine it would depend on what yarn is used and whether you remember to leave the anti-static dryer sheet out of the load.

Cennetta said...

Very useful things for the kitchen. Great looking oven mitt.