04 January 2012

Variegated washcloth pattern and variations

I did up a bunch of crochet stuff to give as gifts this season, and looking back at my first post about "my pattern" for the washcloths I realize somewhere along the line I changed it.  I have finally achieved my goal of making mostly-square washcloths in the past couple weeks (I did have a 600 miles each way road trip to practice on!) and now feel a lot more comfortable with the general idea to repost and offer some variations on the theme.  First, my almost square efforts, one of which I finished this morning while still drinking my 2nd cup of coffee:
variegated yarn washcloths
Now, for the (updated) pattern for this:
Ch 33
row 1: sk 1 st, sc into the other ch (32 sc total)
row 2-10: ch 1, turn, sc into first sc, *ch 1 sk 1 sc* until end, then sc into last sc
row 11: ch 1, turn, hdc into each sc and each ch-sp
row 12-16: repeat sc-ch1-sk1-sc like rows 2-10
row 17: repeat row 11
row 18-22: repeat 12-16
row 23: repeat row 11
row 24-32: repeat row 2-10
row 33: sc all across (32 sc total)

And that's the body to it.  The stitches part is really simple ... the trick (for me, at least!) is to keep it nice, even, and square.

Now, for the variations: You can tie it off and weave in your ends at this point.  Or, you can slip stitch around the edges to give it a little more strength (the right-side and bottom ones are slipstitched in the pic).  Or, you can go around it with sc's or hdc's or even dc's if you want a variegated border, in which case you ch 1 (or 2 if using all dc), then put 2 in the first corner, 3 in the other corners and slst into the start after putting the 3rd st in the original corner ... I have discovered on the sides it comes out less ripply if you do a st-ch1-sk1-st instead of stitching into the middle of each row.  Your mileage (and gauge/tension!) may vary, of course.

Oh, I have been using worsted weight cotton yard and an H (5.00mm) hook for these.

I've been using my early ones in the shower as a washcloth and also in the kitchen to clean my counters, stovetop, and sink - and am quite pleased with them.  If someone hooks this up, please post in the comments how you like it (and I hope I've had the right amount of coffee for all this to make sense).


glorm said...

Am working on one and will let you know (probably next week).

glorm said...

I finally finished it and posted a blog entry about it.

I would have had it done earlier but have been fighting a cold and still trying to learn the new digital camera.

If you make this, note that the rows after the hdc rows, you will be making your stitches in the hdcs, not single crochets (so you don't get confused.)

Jilly Be said...

I missed this earlier. Since the knitting gene was not implanted in my system, I won't be making any, but I love yours - nice color combos, too!

dfr2010 said...

TY for the clarification, gloria - and yours is such a cute yarn!