07 January 2012

Wools for hubby

So hubby has been wanting to get back into camping, and on a couple of sites he's been reading they offer up wool blankets for sale: the one he was really looking at is about 72 inches by 56 inches ... and they want either $25 or $30 for it!  He showed it to me first before clicking "add to cart" (thankfully!) at which point I explained to him that is a standard two yard piece of wool with some kind of hem to keep it from raveling.  Then I mentioned my wool stash ...

I know some of y'all recall my huge wool-buying spree last January, and the morning it hit an overnight low of 17F here, of course FabricMart sent me an email regarding a wool sale ...

The box arrived yesterday afternoon, and hubby brought it in for me.  After I opened it, I carried the two wools I bought for him to him "to fondle".
Top two wools are for hubby

He did just that!  Then, he asked just what my plans for these two lovely wools are.  I told him I bought enough of each (3 yards per wool) to make him both a wool blanket that will be 72x58 inches, and have enough to color-block a coat for him.  Right now, with the dearth of men's coat pattern out there, he is leaning heavily towards the Burda 7419 pattern for it.

As for the blanket idea, I plan to use one yard of each, with the solid burnt sienna piece cut into half and flat-felled onto the plaid before hemming.  Y'all didn't think I'd make a plain blanket, did you?

Oh, that third wool in the stack?  It was a "Sue's Pick" at FM about two or three weaknesses ago ... I swear it jumped up and down on my screen screaming "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!" and when it arrived and I opened up the box, it started screaming for the 1975 Simplicity 7123 unisex coat pattern that followed me home from Mom's over the summer.  Seriously, this is the perfect houndstooth for a mid-70s coat.  It easily outshouted the light blue mini-houndstooth wool I got last January.

We are going to need to clear off the table before WE (emphasis on the plural!) start cutting the wool today, as last night I felt obligated to show hubby what my old Girl Scout troop used as firestarters back in the day.  While hubby acknowledges the simple brilliance of the cardboard egg carton with wood shavings and paraffin as a really effective way to get a fire going ... he thinks it is somehow cheating that we had three wooden matches to get the fire going.  Either way, it still needs to be packed up if we are even going to have room for eating breakfast ... and he was all about helping me to cut this wool yesterday before we started indulging our pyromania.

Blanket first ... and I am wondering over coffee if he'll like the idea of fringing the hem.

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