01 October 2016

Cashmerette 2101 Harrison shirt

OK, so I finished this shirt up last night, but it was still way too muggy and humid and warm to wear it for pictures.  So, I finally stop sweating like a horse after morning chores (meanwhile, I took in just the inseam on my red jeans mockup #3, and BOOM it feels so much more right) and changed into the outfit, posed for hubby to take pics ... and hubby is 110% right about the colors being wrong for me.  Ouch.  I tried tweaking the colors in GIMP (free knock off of Photoshop) and there is just no fixing the color issue.
Cashmerette's Harrison shirt

back view of Cashmerette Harrison shirt
Either I am having a "fat day" today, or I messed up on the seam allowances (1/2 inch instead of the 5/8 inch the Big 4 use), or the sizing runs a smidge small.  Or maybe a combination of the three - I'll find out when I make it again, because I WILL make it again.  The measurement chart said I need a 16 E/F.  Honestly, it does feel a bit snug in the shoulders - I blame all those push-ups I had to do as a mouthy private in the army.  LOL

I had fun playing with the variations I did on the sleeves and collar, and I really wish it turned out better.  Can't blame the pattern for the fabric coloring.  The shirt looks great on the hanger - just not next to my face.  And it really does look like I should try the size 18.  I really do love the pattern, and I really love not needing to put a big honkin' FBA on it (and hope it turns out smoothly) right out of the envelope.

I'll let those thoughts simmer on a back burner while I get back to the jeans fitting.  I looked at the periwinkle blue cotton twill this morning, and it's too lightweight ... but I do have a third piece of denim.  It's only two yards, so I think I'll fold up six inches off the bottom for some capri length jeans.  I have hand knitted socks to show off anyways!

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