11 October 2016

McCalls 5142 jeans in denim

I did these with a 2 yard remnant of medium weight denim, so I had to fold six inches off the bottoms as it really does take 2-1/4 yard to 2-1/2 yards to do up full length jeans.  They still feel a bit loose even after taking 3/8 inch off the inseams both front and back, so I will probably take 3/8 inch off the outer seams in the front pieces only to start out, as that is where it feels the baggiest.  I feel like I am getting closer, though!
McCalls 5142 jeans front

McCalls 5142 jeans, capri-length in denim

side view, McCalls 5142 jeans

McCalls 5142 jeans, back view
All righty, folks - I want your comments, suggestions, constructive criticisms, and overall impression of this version.  I forgot to squat way down to show how these are the right size in my full hip area ... also they have enough room I don't feel any pulling right above the knees like usual - but these are a lot looser than what I am used to wearing.  So, let me know what y'all think.

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