30 January 2011

A challenge for Val

Tonight in chat, I offered Val a deal and a challenge: if she makes an underbust/waist corset I will post up pics of my first attempt at the McCall's 4861 view E.  Complete pics of the blue monstrosity.  And, before she left, I even upped the ante: not only will I post up pics but I will even mail it to her if she so chooses.

The why and how we came to this point aren't really relevant here ... Elaina witnessed the challenge both times, and I told Val I will post it publicly for the entire sewing blogosphere to read.  I will happily give her tips and advice on constructing it, offer all kinds of encouragement, plus she has my posts from last month to consult.  I have steered her towards either the McCalls 4861 E or the Laughing Moon #113 view B ... while I haven't made the LM yet I have heard good things about their corset patterns.

So here it is, folks.  Y'all are my witnesses ... and I suspect maggie will take a screenshot of this for the permanent record.  LOL  If y'all see Val in chat, be sure to cheer her on.  It's the only way I'll post full pics - "front, back, and inside" - of this truly terrible example of sloppy shoddy and just plain ugly sewing from me.

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