20 January 2011

McCall's 4518 Palmer/Pletsch "unisex" shirt for hubby

And yes, I used quote marks for "unisex" because once again, the fitting instructions for turning a flat-front men's shirt into a shaped front women's shirt is ... annoying.  Once again, I cannot help but wonder WHY didn't they do two separate shirts?  I don't think it's new news that (on average) mens' and women's torsos tend to be shaped differently.  So why is a pattern maker trying to make one shirt pattern fit both?

At first, I thought maybe this was some Great Fitting Secret that no one has bothered to tell me ... then I got to actually using my last two working brain cells and recalled seeing women's shirt patterns without shaping.  OK, so the transformation of a totally nonshaped shirt pattern to fit a woman's shape does has its usefulness.

That being said ... I am making this shirt for my husband, who is the epitome of The Ultimate Easy Fitting.  I still am a bit puzzled why there isn't a sheet for just the construction steps ... instead there is 8 pages (!) of fitting plus construction plus more fitting.  Please, Palmer/Pletsch/McCall's ... please make a simple "cheat sheet" of just the construction steps, with asterisks (*) for where to consult fitting notes or just put this in as an addition.

Oh yeah, the official start pic, with what hubby considers color:
I bought this fabric on sale in November, and hubby found it in late December.  I wasn't trying to hide it ... he just doesn't always notice new fabrics unless I show as I pull them out of the bag or box.  The truly amusing part is, he actually asked if he could have this fabric for a shirt!  LOL  This plaid is way, WAY too bland for me ... not to mention I don't like wearing browns, so I wondered who he thought the fabric might be for if not for him.  Gotta love him.

While I would love to participate in Peter's Mens Shirt Sew-Along, I am going to have to jump the gun on it.  Hubby has been patiently waiting almost a month for this shirt.  He really wants a nice warm flannel long sleeve shirt to wear around the house ... and I would like to get new fabric without hearing about "Now where will we put this?"  So, I am starting this shirt today, as the evil white stuff starts to swirl through the air outside my windows ...

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