17 January 2011

Fingerless gloves for hubby

I'm still playing with McCall's 5996 view E - the fingerless gloves with mitten covers for the fingers ... this time for hubby in solid brown fleece.  The brown fleece does quite match the brown canvas coat, but he doesn't see enough of a difference to change his opinion/preference.  Apparently a few think this is a complicated pattern - it isn't!  In fact it is surprisingly simple.  Start off with four pattern pieces:
The finger cover on the far right is repeated for a total of four of that piece, but other than that ... that's all.  Did I mention how nicely the red dot stuff sticks to fleece by static electricity?  All I do is add a pattern weight in the middle - and recently discovered votive candle holders make excellent pattern weights once they are dusted off!  I have quite a few glass and metal votive holders ...

While cutting out the first piece, I also discovered my Olfa rotary blade is still very sharp!  I barely nicked my finger between the last joint (most distal) and the nailbed, and immediately started bleeding like a stuck pig.  It's a technical medical term ... yeesh, but a simple small clean cut will bleed more than an abrasion (like barking a knuckle trying to unstick a bolt).  So, I decided to blog while waiting for the blood to quit oozing after running it under cold water to encourage capillary shrinkage.

Not the recommended way to start off the day's sewing.

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