11 January 2011

Vest finishing touches

Last night I sewed the lining to the wool, trimmed the seam allowances, and turned it ... but didn't snap a pic because I hadn't pressed it.  Now the vest is pressed after hanging on Mathilda my dressform all night, and I sewed the side seams together.  I was in a groove and didn't feel like taking a pic break, so ... on to the buttonholes!
My camera's auto-focus picked a different spot than the buttonholes to focus on, but you can see them decently ... and yes, I broke out my embroidery tear-away stabilizer to sew them in, even though the back of the lining is interfaced.  I didn't want to take a chance on my wool stretching any, but at the same time I decided against putting interfacing on the back of the wool.

I went with horizontal buttonholes, as this is a rather close-fitting vest and I don't want any distortion to show if it's one of my water-retaining days when I wear it.  All that's left is handsewing the shank buttons on ... the 7/8 inch version of the buttons I used for the blouse's cuff.  Hopefully the larger version will photo better than the tiny ones did.

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