22 January 2011

McCall's 4244 PJ pants done

I honestly meant to have these pajama pants done yesterday ... but my teenage son had a snow day (again!) and kept popping down to chat.  No real complaints, as the chats were pleasant and interesting.  I've been given the advice by a couple mothers with older children that if your teenager wants to talk, you should listen.  So I did.

I have to admit sewing for a teenager presents some interesting challenges with regards to what constitutes fit and fashion.  For some strange reason I had the silly notion this didn't apply to pajama pants that will NOT be worn outside the house.  Silly me.  I figured for the "waist"band to be worn at his high hip, but when he tried them on ... he was wearing them lower.  He specifically asked for them to be long at the hem ... and this was while I thought he'd wear the elastic closer to his waist!  He says he likes the length, but they are "too baggy" through the legs for his taste.  For some reason I thought very loose-fit through the crotch and legs was desirable in pajama pants ... he says these feel "Aladdin-pants loose".  Here's the pic so y'all can judge for yourselves (I made him pull the elastic up to the top of his hipbones for the pic!)
To me, they look a bit long but otherwise comfortable.  I guess the fact he went back upstairs and changed into his athletic shorts is my son's true vote of (no) confidence.  Meh ... he was the only one who actually liked that flannel print, which I actually bought with hubby in mind.  At least the waistband stays put - no safety pin needed for this pair.


glorm said...

The fit looks fine to me (except for being a little long), but he's the one wearing them. If he really wants the pantlegs narrower, just take in the seams a bit--no need to undo the original stitches.

Good for him for wanting to talk, and good for you for taking the time to listen. When there are no siblings it is even more important to converse with your child.

dfr2010 said...

glor - thanks for the reminder. I forgot to mention I had already taken in the side seams from what the pattern has. If I take them in anymore, it will start distorting I think.

The good news is he has enough of a butt that they won't fall off at the (very) low point he had the waistband at ... although I don't think it should be called a "waist"band that far below the high hip!

sewducky said...

I bet he will throw them on in his room to lounge when he notices the baggy will be more comfortable in odd positions.