05 January 2011

Here she is ... S2566 blouse done!

Well, except for handsewing the shank buttons on ... but given how the cuffs sit they won't show in a regular Mathilda the dressform pic.  It could probaly benefit from another press, but I will be adding new wrinkles as I put the buttons on in all likelihood.
Except for the goofy dart "sidecars" I am quite happy.  I won't model it myself until after the vest is done because of the dart shaping issue (and a good dose of vanity) so Mathilda will have to do for the next 3-5 days.
Now, here's a gem for my "Thank you, Sgt Obvious!" file.  Irons heat up so much faster when they are plugged in.  I wouldn't lie to y'all  LOL

As I expected, putting the buttonholes in was a pain in the (*donkey*) due to how close-fitting the cuffs are.  I also discovered the fabric can catch the little lever-thingy on my 1-step buttonhole and make it change directions before it ought to.

The instructions called for slip stitching the hem ... errr ... that's hand sewing, right?  Something I don't care for, and don't have the patience to do.  Props to those who do, but that isn't me.  Especially with a deadline for this outfit.  There's no getting around the handsewing of shank buttons, but I'll skip on the handsewn hem idea.


MaryMary86 said...

You finished!! It's beautiful!

I wish you were my neighbor; hand sewing is one of my favorite tasks. Are you going to do a review? This was your first "real" FBA right?

Anonymous said...

Your blouse is lovely!

dfr2010 said...

The review should be showing in the sidebar right now, and yes this was my first time doing an FBA (of any type) on an actual garment.

TY for the compliments ... even my teenage son commented it looked nice last night (and that takes some doing unless he's asking for something).