20 January 2011

Useless plaid cotton flannel - twisted and offgrain

Well, that just blew my long sleeve flannel shirt for hubby clean out of the water.  It's a woven plaid, not printed, so when it refused to line up - even with pinning the selvages together and an attempt at coercive ironing and much harsh language in the process, I might add - I find myself back at the drawing board.

I asked on PR's message board about possible uses for this fabric, and have to admit a couple sound useful: the pet bed suggestion has merit here, but using it as bias tape ... I truly hate the colors!  Hubby and I have two totally different ideas of what defines "colorful" clothing.  I love pinks, purples and lavenders, and just about every variation of blue, while hubby likes subdued greens and browns, with an occasional navy blue thrown in but nothing too bright or strong or vibrant.

Just for trivial random rambling fun, the offgrain plaid is balanced but uneven, per my personal definitions of plaids.  While the repeats have symmetry, parallel to the selvage is 3.5 inches while perpendicular to the selvage is 2.5 inches.  I can't exactly use the terms "grainline" and "crossgrain" to describe this fabric.  At least it won't be too expensive of a mistake: I bought it during a half-off sale on a day with an additional 10% total purchase.

Maybe I can use it to stuff my bumroll for Renn Faire ... or maybe if I make a pet bed of it the cats might lay on it instead of my fabric stash ... hey, it could happen.  Now I'll have to go stash-diving for another warm fabric to make hubby's shirt ... it's going to be hard to break the news to him because he's really been looking forward to this shirt since he discovered the fabric 3 weeks ago.

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