23 January 2011

More silk/rayon brocades!

I hinted at this a few days ago after I ordered them but not received them yet ... but I simply could not resist when FabricMart put the remaining silk/rayon brocades on half off and bought the three I wanted but didn't buy before.  By now, a few of y'all are tired of hearing about my red floral silk/rayon brocade, especially the one who denies it exists.  LOL

Two sold out before I could copy the pictures off FM's website, so y'all will have to suffer with my poor photog (lack of) skills for these:
The blue with Asian-style flying dragons ... it went fast once it was marked down.
A lovely pearl white - with my usual problems trying to capture that color on pixels.
FM calls this one "creamy gold" because they have/had another gold colored brocade with a different design, but compare my sorry pic of it to the professionally done one from FM's site:
Trust me, I won't be quitting my day job for photography any time soon ... LOL
I can't help but wonder if maggie resisted the brocades yet again.  I know she succumbed to the brown silk velvet I managed to resist ... greatly aided by it selling out before I caved in and ordered.  We're doing a fabric trade and I did ask her for a small swatch of it just so I can feel what real silk velvet feels like.  I'll need to ask her in chat if she has a brocade, or if she'd like a small swatch of it just to fondle ...

The true beauty of having multiple brocades in similar or complementing designs and colors is I can patchwork and colorblock the leftovers into a garment, assuring none of it goes to waste.  Without a doubt, the red is still my favorite, and still "Myyyy precioussss ...".  Just call me Gollem, with the red being the Brocade of Power!  LOL


Anonymous said...

Gotta adjust your analogy. They would all be The Brocades of Power, the others would just be the lesser brocades of power and the red would be the One Brocade to rule them all. The One must have others of power to rule, otherwise it's not the One. So pfffftttt!! ;-)

dfr2010 said...

maggie, your geek is showing more than mine ...