13 January 2011

S2566 blouse in black

And here it is, the second blouse from the Simplicity 2566 pattern, done up in printed cheap cotton I've had for about a year:
Not only does it fit Mathilda better ... it definitely fits me better!  It's casual; it's cute; it's whimsical ... and boy did it turn out looking so totally 80s!  It also needs a wash and press, which it will get once I have tonight's ensemble dryer-fluffed.  My challenge for the next 5 hours: keeping my two lighter colored cats from shedding on the outfit!  Both hubby and I will be wearing black pants, which the fur monsters find irresistible ...

Now that I've worked out the side dart FBA idea, and gotten a casual blouse as a result ... onward to hubby's cotton flannel plaid long sleeved shirt.  I'm going to give McCall's 4518 for it, a casual camp shirt style with a facing instead of the collar band/stand.  I used the other Palmer/Pletch unisex shirt to make hubby's parrot shirt, and he mentioned he doesn't care for the dropped shoulder on it, so I'll try this one and see how he likes it (beyond the cotton flannel aspect).


glorm said...

The 80s? Haha, the decade I'm trying to get out of. I love dotted fabric. Send that blouse to me.

dfr2010 said...

I had a feeling you'd love it, glor. As for sending it to you ... um, you realize I'm a good 4 sizes bigger than you are, right? I do keep telling you to wear your 80s stuff because it's finally back in style! ;) (Now where's my 80s fluorescent hot pink?)