10 March 2011

B 4254 bust gusset

I spent a little time this afternoon pulling all the boning casings and eyelet strips off my kaleidiscope scrap fitting muslin ... then while showering I had a thought about the bust gussets.  Don't panic, it's only one thought  ;)  Bust instead of tweaking the gusset shape more ... why don't I first try backing the seam allowance down to 1/4 inch instead of the 5/8 inch?  That would bring the entire gusset out more, which is what I am thinking will help.

So I'll need to rip out 3 seams, resew them ... then put the eyelet strips and boning casings back on again.  If this moves the gusset out from CF enough (and it should if my fraction math is correct) then I'll need to make two more boning casings and run cable ties between the CF/zipper space and the bust cup, which should help even more with getting that CF straight (as opposed to sticking out still).

So standby for fitting muslin #2b ... or not to be ... LOL  Hubby is taking me out this weekend to a local production of Hamlet for our date this week.

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Rebecca said...

I do some of my best thinking while taking a shower or attempting to fall asleep. It must be a trait of those who like to sew. :]