05 March 2011

B4254 fitting in progress

... and I'm not quite sure how it's going, so I'll post up pics and ask opinions and observations.  I took all but the front seam on the bust gusset in to 5/8 inch again, and have so far taken 1/2 inch of each side on the CB, and still have next to no gap in back.  If you recognize the fabric on the boning casings ... yeah I am using scraps from my friend's doublet.  The back eyelets were cannibalized from the original version of my Elizabethan which didn't fit.  The pics:

I should probably whip up more boning casings ... that *might* fix the wrinkles at the side waist.  Also - I am wearing a bra under my shirt and am wondering if this is messing things up as well.  I'm trying to mimic the spacing for a zipper in the front.


sewducky said...

The front looks awesome, and boning the side will help.

Seems that you should have a couple of spots on the back to straighten that up a lot. It is a mess, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to fix it. (meaning that the one panel from the laces and the side can be altered)

Margaret said...

It does look like the hip flare is too high up for you. I suppose if this is meant to be worn *over* a lot of bulky petticoats, it may indeed need the extra hip room for that. Otherwise I might either lengthen it somewhere (is the waist at your real waist, or too high?) or take it in at the hips, particularly at the side and side back. Is it meant to be boned on all the seams? That might help get rid of some of the horizontal wrinkling.

dfr2010 said...

Thanks for the input, ladies. I'll finish up the boning casings (well, except the side seams) and post another set of pics - hopefully this evening.