25 March 2011

What a difference flossing makes

No, not teeth (although it does hold true as well) but corsets ... I have one half completely flossed, and while I don't know if y'all can tell the difference in the pic (due to my poor photog skills) but I can sure feel a difference when I pick the two halves up.  The flossed half holds its shape!  This may be something I have been missing in previous corsets I've made.  Oh, the pic:
I'm using jeans thread on top, since I have decided to go with the lace under the top binding.  The bottom binding will just be topstitched denim bias.  Besides flowers grow *up* ... even completely pink flowers.  Using the jeans thread which is practically invisible on this denim gives me the opportunity to try out variations on flossing.  My still coffee deprived mind is also wondering how the designs will look with variegated thread ...

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Maggie said...

That's looking great! I'm not sure that flossing counts as hand sewing.. It's a great deal more FUN! And pretty.
You're making me want to do a denim corset! I've got some rather tightly-woven non-stretch denim I've been having doubts about making jeans with, maybe it's destined to be a corset. Some of it, anyways.