02 March 2011

Fondling fabrics and formulating plans

Yesterday was a general "fun" day for me, as I overcast raw edges and prewashed a whole heapin' mess of fabrics: cottons, linens, and a couple rayons went through the wash and I also fondled - err, overcast the raw edges - on the two fancy silk charmeuses.  Note to self on the charmeuses: a sz 12 universal needle left holes as if I used a wing needle!  I'll have to see how a sz 8 does on it.  The beautiful silks are very slippery, slinky, and will probably need all seams hand-basted before going under the presser foot.  Also, file all fingernails!  Thankfully, the snag was on the selvage ... Now, for the wash-n-wear fabrics:
The only fabric I was disappointed with is the graphite print rayon (on top of the pinks).  Even though it looks like a normal weave (versus a satinesque weave) that bugger is quite slippery, and reminds me of a lightweight rayon challis print I have ... and will be assigned the same fate to be used as jacket, coat, and corset lining.
Meanwhile, I have pulled out a denim remnant I got a while back ago and begun pattern work on Butterick 4254, view D.  I originally planned this corset back at the end of October, and it was the reason I started up my Corset Sew-Along over at PR, but then gift sewing got in the way and although it's been in a dark corner of my mind for months I am just now pulling it out.  I had thought I'd do up embroidery on my machine for it, but wrapped up in the denim remnant are some very pretty pink floral-themed appliques.  I haven't done appliques yet, so I'll probably give that go just for the new experience (and adventure!  LOL).  Two major caveats in the previous reviews: the sizing runs big (like most Big 4 corset patterns), and this one runs short in the torso with no lengthen/shorten lines on the pattern.  However, I have seen the waistline marked on at least a couple pieces so that can be a good reference point.  I'm going to start off with a muslin in my unbleached canvas so I can mark it up with a Sharpie marker.  Official start pic:

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glorm said...

Looks like you're ready to have a lot of fun.

Two more items to add to your sewing notions collection if you haven't already: a nail file and bandages.