18 February 2011

I thought you made that

"I thought you made that!"  That's what my son said this morning about my *purchased* light jacket with extensive embroidery on it.  I thought I had a pic of it, but I can't find it right now.

Actually, I bought this jacket down in Florida the day after Christmas on sale.  It's a simple, unlined, zipper-front beige canvas band-collar jacket with white and blue floral embroidery all over it, very casual and without pockets (which I would have put in if I made it).

So my son mistaking a retail jacket for something I might have made says either:
  • There are people in retail apparel manufacturing with as tacky of tastes as I have ... 1980s revivial, anyone?  LOL
  • My *successful* projects are now up to retail quality ...
I just found that amusing this morning.

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