28 February 2011

S4059 doublet put together

I've been quiet the past day and a half because I have really been knocking this doublet project out.  I finished the handsewing last night, after doing more than I initially planned ... because it just looks good!  I still need to set the eyelets in, but here is the put-together doublet, modelled on hubby (who is half a foot shorter and build differently than my friend the history professor who this is made for)

The lighting is horrible, I know ... but it's no better near the windows, and hasn't been all day as we've had another day of storms like yesterday.  The spot where hubby is holding the waist closed is where the lowest eyelets will be.  I'll use silvertone eyelets to match the shirt I made my friend last year, along with a thin green velvet ribbon to tie it closed.  Not only did my friend balk at button prices last March when we bought the stuff to make this doublet, but he also wears a sword in an over-the-shoulder baldric which could tear off buttons when he moves.

The doublet itself is quick to put together ... what took me so long was handsewing the pretty velvet ribbon on as trim.  I should probably look at the pattern instructions to see if they agree with how I did it LOL ... I looked at them only long enough to see how/when to turn it right-side-out ... and also referred to the pictures in The Tudor Tailor since the pieces' basic shape matched.  I didn't put tabs on to tie sleeves to, mainly because you can count the days in May cool enough to wear sleeves on one hand ... in the past decade.

I think I achieved the goal of making a nice doublet that says "middle class and trying to move up" which was the overall look my friend wanted.

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