26 February 2011

Velvet trim for S4059 doublet

It's all cut out, and construction has begun ... and once again I proved the Murphy's Law that says the better you match the thread, the more likely you will need to rip some stitches ...

I was zipping along putting the backs together when I remembered it's supposed to have evergreen velvet trim in a design ... so I ripped out half the CB seam to align the chevron on the notches.  Then (before oopsing) I recalled velvet doesn't play well with machines, so it's hand-stitching time to hold it into place.  It's a good reminder of why I try to avoid handstitching when possible ... but the back is now done:
The CB seam isn't flat, because my friend's back is no longer straight, but I'm feeling pretty pleased at how nicely I got the point of the chevron ... and glad I am done handstitching for tonight!  I suppose handstitching is something I can do over coffee tomorrow morning.


Rebecca said...

I agree with you on the hand sewing. So far I have avoided it like the plague!

glorm said...

Looks good to me, especially knowing how you dislike handsewing.