04 February 2011

KS 3850 corded

I finished up the second core layer this morning, and other than pressing all the seams in the opposite direction from the first layer it looked the same until I corded it this afternoon.
Last night after embroidery chat, I talked to Elaina about structure ideas for this project.  The pattern calls for only one piece of boning down the CF seam ... and I am doing much more structure with a zipper in front so I can dress myself.  Therefore, I am pretty much on my own for figuring out how to do this.  Since the cups are shaped well, I figure I just need enough to hold them in shape (something a little more than lightweight cheap Pellon) so I decided to use my hemp cord.  When I find where I put my poly boning, I'll use that on the seams under the cups and to reinforce each side of the zipper, then try out cable ties for the back and sides.

Putting in the hemp cord gave me a chance to try out a new toy - a piping foot that was on sale for one of the post-holiday clearances.  About all I can do is squeal like a delighted child!  This works like an extra set of fingers!  If you have any need to running cords, get one.
I'm sure it does a great job of actually making piping as well ...


Margaret said...

Cool! I'm pretty sure I have one of these feet someplace -- nice to know it works for cording too. I want to make a corded bodice/corset too... one of these days. This project looks like it is coming along well.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting on more pictures!