12 February 2011

Slogging along

I had hoped today would be the last day of fighting this brocade ... no such luck.  This project is definitely giving my "cover-up" skills a workout, as I hosed up the back by not paying attention to how many layers were between the scissor blades.  (*sigh*)  Not to mention the fun of getting a longish fray thread tangled down in the feed dogs, and the wonderful things that does to how the stitch looks ... that one wasn't as bad since bias binding covers up a multitude of oopsies.

I am done fighting with it tonight ... tomorrow will be another day.
Bad photog skills also cover up quite a bit.  LOL  Now, because I cut the binding too close at the top of the zipper, I have to figure out how to remove a zip tooth and put the zipper stop in its place.  Apparently, this is possible with pliers ...

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