20 February 2011

Vogue 8626 coat shell sewn

So I finished cutting the lining this morning, and sewed in the pocket pieces then sewed up the sides of the coat outer shell (that my cats love so much).  Here's a pic, which makes me realize I need to even up Mathilda's "strategic padding" so things hang over the bra correctly.
I'm a bit amused from yesterday ... I found out I am not the only person who uses her lint roller on her ironing board.  It made sense to me from the beginning, especially given how the linen/cotton I bought last spring shed and frayed ... and those fray threads stick to anything that provides high contrast.  Hmm, that's a lot like how my cats aren't truly colorblind, but will shed on whatever color their fur shows up on the most.

Oh, pattern instruction note: The steps for the lining and sleeves are weird.  I am just not grokking them, so I am (once again) disregarding them to do it in a way that makes sense to me - sewing the sleeves on flat, then sewing the sleeves closed when I sew the sides and pockets closed.  I'll do the lining the same way, then put them together and then hem the sleeves in after I turn it (the bottom hem is separate and the lining hangs free).

Will it work right?  That's one of the reasons I am doing mockups of all my coat patterns!  The other reason is to see how the styles look on me since I now know how to do FBAs and no longer need to buy a size too big just to button it closed.

My teenage son says this is looking nice and he likes the style.  He also says he likes my hosed-up bustier corset (KS 3850) despite the mistakes.  I think both hubby and son are trying to encourage me to make modern styles since neither is big into the historical garb.

I will say this much: after doing so many 1/4 inch seams on the bustier corset, the standard 5/8 inch seam allowance feels huge!

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