14 February 2011

Setting eyelets: Tools

Time to set my eyelets in the Kwik Sew 3850 bustier corset.  I've had several requests to show how I set eyelets after zipping through it in December with the McCall's waist corset, so here we go.

First up, the tools I use:
From top right: A screw punch, the baggie of eyelets, circled in red are the Dritz setting tools, the magic seam gauge, handy-dandy hammer, and - just for Gloria's amusement - my now-broken cutting board, all on my cutting mat.
  • Screw punch: I use this to start the holes.  It's a now discontinued scrapbooking tool which punches a circle into whatever.  After 3 boned bodices, 2 versions of the Elizabethan, and two waist corsets it's still pretty sharp.  A whole lot of people say an awl should be used to avoid cutting the threads ... YMMV.
  • The eyelets themselves, which come in two parts.  Dritz usually puts more "tops" than bottoms in their packs, so don't freak out if you have more of the inner rings (like I did the first couple times).  They also come in silvertone and antiqued brass, but I am partial to the shiny goldtone ones.
  • The two Dritz setting tools.  Not much to look at: a plastic ring with an impression to hold the bottom ring and a metal spindle-like thing to fit over the top ring then smack with a hammer.  Some folks use the pliers tool, but I haven't tried that one myself.  I get much more satisfaction out of whacking it with a hammer (except when I miss the top of the spindle and hit my thumb ...)
  • Magic seam gauge:  This is how I determine where to put the holes in with the screw punch.  I've heard about a tool that stretches or retracts to figure eyelet/grommet spacing, but haven't seen it yet.
  • Handy dandy standard issue home hammer ... also useful when threatening fabric or machines that don't want to behave themselves!  LOL
  • Two parts of one wooden cutting board, retired from food prep to crafting ... maybe hammering eyelets on it wasn't the smartest thing I've done, but if you squint at the pic you might see all the circles from using it with the screw punch.
  • Cutting mat - hopefully this will absorb the shock of my hammering ...
Half a cup of coffee to finish, then the fun starts!


Maggie said...

I was actually looking for the expanding sewing gauge the other day, but didn't know the name. I'd seen I'd first seen it awhile ago on a now-inactive blog but for some reason the last time I looked I couldn't find it. (Obviously I did this time.) It looks like they're not too expensive, despite being fairly uncommon. A place called Sew True has them, and Vogue Fabrics has them for slightly more, although it might be worth it to order from Vogue if you were ordering boning or anything else from them at the same time, since they have flat rate shipping on most notions.

glorm said...

Now you have two cutting boards. LOL.

Remember to measure twice, cut once. Or, is that measure once, cut twice? I've done it both ways and the first works better.

Rebecca said...

Wow, I have yet to have to pull out a hammer during my sewing adventures. Good luck!

dfr2010 said...

Rebecca, I've been using the hammer for over a year now (setting eyelets usually) but I thought last week's tin snips and metal file were definitely some odd sewing notions! LOL