24 February 2011

New (old) project

Now that the Vogue coat mockup is finished, hooks and all, I am going to go back to long-standing project that still is not cut out even ... my friend's Tudor doublet using Simplicity 4059.  He picked out and bought the fabric back in March of last year ... and it's been in my sewing area since.

In October, I meant to do it up for him for Halloween, and we did get as far as fitting it to him ... then that fell to the side with all the gift sewing I did for the holidays.  So I have a fitted pattern and uncut fashion fabric and lining.  Oh, here's the last fitting pic:
He has forward rounded shoulders and a beer belly ... this was the first fitting muslin, made from the pattern itself:
Complete with Sharpie notes scribbled all over it (and for those wondering, muslins get marked up with a sharpie, while mockups are fully done without the Sharpie notes).

Oh, before I forget, here's is a hopefully better pic of the Vogue coat mockup ... I noticed yesterday's pics were dark even after I lightened them a bit through gimp.
As you can see, it wants to hang open below the bust.  I do have a hook above the waist, at the bust, and at the top, but there is that rust-orange lining peeking out under Mathilda.

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