24 February 2011

Pattern score!

So I thought I'd be motivated this morning and handsew coat hook-and-eyes on the coat mockup ... only to discover I had the wrong style -- and that I sewed the first one on quite sturdily.  After finally getting the wrong one ripped off, I finished my second cup of coffee, got dressed and headed off to Hancock with the new mailer in hand.

My local Hancock finally got in the Burda patterns!  Wooohooo!  The mens' jacket #7704 isn't in the newest catalog, so I picked up two others for hubby to look at: 7419 and 7918.

I also picked up two for myself: the 7870 dirndl and the 7977 sideless surcoat.  Oh, and the rest of the Kwik Sew patterns on my wishlist ... Hancock has them 20% off for the next couple weeks.

Notionwise, I grabbed up some more buttons, the right coat hook-and-eyes, and some rigilene to try out on the KS bustier.

As for the Vogue coat mockup, while I like the lines I don't think the fabric choice was right.  It's still not hanging right in my opinion, but it is finally finished.  I'm wearing my black polka dotted S2566 blouse today ... and it's not the best choice for a windy rainy bleh grey day.  The cute keyhole neckline is letting a bit of breeze in ...


glorm said...

What was wrong about the hooks-and-eyes you sewed on originally? Just curious.

dfr2010 said...

The eye part was flat, gloria ... the ones I ended up using have the eye bent up a bit which makes it easier to hook.