23 February 2011

V8626 lining done

Bad me ... I haven't blogged for a few days.  Hubby and son have had time off over the long weekend, and got into the spring cleaning and grilling spirit ... I have been working on the lining a bit in between, but was loathe to take the coat shell off Mathilda because the TK is in full shed mode and I swear she's surrounded by a cloud of loose light colored fur ... kind of like the PigPen character from the Peanuts gang ... and she's the cat who seems to like the coat shell the most.

But the next step is to attach lining to shell, so it's safe to put the lining on Mathilda for a pic:
The pattern has you do up the CF panels in the outer fashion fabric ... I like the effect.  It could make for some fun colorblocking for the final version in wool.

Hubby mentioned when I showed him the shell that it reminds him of my justacorps ("pirate") coat from the fall of '09 that I gave to my sister ... and I can see some similarities in the lines of it.  Considering how much I like the justacorps style, it may have factored into my choosing this pattern.  For the record, I *will* be redoing the justacorps coat in that same fabric ... once I work out all the tweaks I want to do to it.  The pattern needs mods, and more than just an FBA.

I just want to get this mockup done and get back to the Kwik Sew bustier ... plus McCall's put up their new patterns yesterday and they have a bustier pattern now as well ... which of course I must try out and compare to the KS pattern.

Now, to put the coat together ...

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Beeka said...

I like this pattern. I want to make for my 30 something daughter who is full busted. Will it work. Would you recommend