06 February 2011

Slow progress and a couple tricks

First of all, I have been in pain since Friday afternoon, and since I know this affects my mood I try not to post much when this happens (in pretty much any form).  Progress on the bustier-done-corset-style Kwik Sew 3850 is slow because of this.

I have figured out a couple little tricks to working with that poly boning stuff you can buy at Hancock or Wal-Mart.  First of all, you can iron the stuff flat!  Honestly, I don't know why I didn't realize this before.  I know it is heat-malleable because wearing it next to the body causes it to conform to the curve - as opposed to holding its shape which is what I originally wanted it to do.

Second, if I pull it out of its casing I can stitch it into place using my boxy-style zipper foot that came with each of my little cheap Brother machines.  The poly boning is either exactly or very close to the height of a standard zipper, so it fits perfectly and the foot keeps the needle out of the poly boning.  Gratuitous pic for Elaina, who requested "more pics" last night:
On a slight tangent, hubby tightened up the back lacing on my Elizabethan for me today, and says there is no room to tighten any further.  I'm pretty certain I haven't lost weight, so that leaves fabric stretching as the most likely reason.  I will definitely be making a new one for this year's Renn Faire.

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sewducky said...

Well that foot is pretty nifty! I have a boning channel footie thing but it's not nearly as useful as that.