25 February 2011

Simplicity 4059 doublet pattern alterations

I've already pulled apart the red broadcloth fitting muslin and starch the everlovin (*bleep*) out of it, and when I reached into the zip bag to find the rest of the pieces I found the original pattern pieces ... and since I am still working on my 2nd cup of coffee it amused me to snap a pic to compare the two set of pieces:
Yes, I am easily amused in the mornings (which may be why I don't usually post before lunchtime).  There was no methodical way to determine these alterations, as I did them the olde fashioned way: put the first fitting muslin on him and marked it up with a Sharpie pen and used safety pins to pinch out excess, while also hacking at it on him with a pair of scissors for excess around the neck and armholes.
That was back in October, but I remember it ... because it was actually fun.  I'm still surprised I got so much of it right on the first alteration go-round, but given his schedule it's a good thing.  I found the last of the unbleached cotton muslin I bought over a year ago on sale, and will be using that up for the lining (since I scored more for an even better price this month!).

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